Free anti-fraud. For all.
(Yes, that’s right).

Dear Advertisers...

Let’s Be Frank. The app-marketing industry has not done enough to provide our advertiser friends with transparent or effective anti-fraud solutions. DSPs have been happy to use advertiser data to develop spend models and revenue, but we have not given back in terms of free, robust offerings which help advertisers reduce fraud across their mobile marketing spectrum. Until now.

Tesera Anti-Fraud

Kaden’s Tesera Anti-Fraud is free-to-use access of blacklisting methodologies as implemented by our internal data operation technologies, matched with transparent rules and data points for objective verifiability of fraudulent behaviour. Tesera Anti-Fraud inspects four key areas where fraud can be identified and employs a strike system to avoid false positives.


Tesera Anti-Fraud inspects various impression level data points – including volume and speed of requests, device locations, IP matching, device downtime, and many more – to identify fraud at the impression.


Did the click occur before the impression? Is the rate-of-clicks at a device and IP level normal? Is the CTR unnaturally high? Several data points at the click are used when Tesera blacklists compromised or fraudulent device IDs.


Fraudsters have become sophisticated, with phone hijacking and install fraud fast becoming key issues in today’s mobile marketing landscape. Tesera considers time-to-install and number of installs per day per device when blacklisting
device IDs.


Tesera Anti-Fraud considers site-level data when batch-blacklisting users, watching for impression, click and install trends which may indicate that all device IDs associated with a site are fraudulent or compromised.

Why accept fraud?

Take the fight to fraudulent publishers and malicious
app-marketing channels with Kaden’s Tesera Anti-fraud