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Kaden is fully integrated into Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) framework and is partnered with leading exchange and MMP platforms to ensure minimal friction as we move into an IDFA-less world. Whether for agencies or for direct advertisers then, Kaden’s SKAN technology continues to deliver industry-leading iOS campaigns while protecting the privacy of individuals

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At Kaden, we place significant human and ML resources into ensuring that the right creative is served on the right site at the right time, and we iterate aggressively to develop CTR performance. This is a device-id-agnostic process which utilises our Account Data, Creative and Engineering teams and puts us far ahead of the competition in driving IDFA-less, context-driven results


An unsung benefit of the SKAN framework is the necessary increase in sub-campaign level transparency. Kaden currently provides advertisers with a 100% transparent platform, but we are committing to delivering iOS SKAN campaign setups which provide immediate understandings of performance at the GEO, ad size, category, and creative-strategy levels


We have spent significant time developing solutions to combat IDFA-less Adfraud. Alongside creative-level event tech, we apply our sophisticated Tesera Anti-fraud platform and provide transparent site-level fraud reports to our advertiser partners to bolster their macro-buying campaign strategies. More than ever, the combat against Adfraud requires adtech transparency

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